Specialty Classes

Divine and Feminine Performance Intensive with Butter and Filth

Week 1: Jan 7, 2018,

Class 1: Filth: Sex Hex 12:45 to 1:45pm

Description: How do you perform your sexual desire? How would you dance for the one you love today? How would you dance for the one that got away? What would it look like to show your audience your last bedroom indulgence? Women in this class will use their own desire, vulnerability, and sexual agency as a basis for movement and power. Specific choreography will be taught and students will be encouraged to take base movement patterns and translate them into their own narrative stage performance. Each woman will engage with their audience to tell a story about their own experience as a mode of empowerment. Focus will be placed on captivating audience like you would a lover. Who are you? (Dance class.)
-Class 2: Filth: Spread Embed 1:50 to 2:50pm
Description: Sexual performance on stage wouldn’t be quite as raw and tantalizing if it wasn’t for images of open postures and vulnerable gaze. When the body is open it says “This is me, I’m right here”. Slow, nasty, methodical trick combos utilizing splits, open chest, laybacks, and body skimming will illustrate sexual pleasure and indulgence in classic club stripper style. Images of spread bodies conjure both you and your audiences sexual cravings. Utilize this subconscious of your viewer to embed thoughts of their own desires with you as the center of attention. (Tricks class)

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Week 2: Jan 14, 2018, Heather

Class 1: Butter: Whipped 12:45 to 1:45pm
Description: When traditionally masculine traits (drive, aggression, competitiveness, etc.) are so often prioritized over the feminine (softness, empathy, gentility) it’s easy to lose sight of the strength and power that “womanness” embodies. “Whipped” connects feminine energy to historically masculine strength-based movements. We’ll refine moments of lift and ascension with breathy weightlessness. We’ll find lightness on our feet and through transitions from floor to pole in attempts to elevate your dance to an ethereal place in true female form. (Dance Class)

Class 2: Butter: Melt 1:50 to 2:50pm
Description: Sensual movement isn’t confined to the spatial limitations of the floor. When you perform, do you feel like you lose your sexy flow once you’re doing pole tricks? “Melt” is about stripping away any preconceived notions on how we move in the air. We’ll approach this concept by working our way through descending combos fit for various skill levels and modifying how we move between shapes. We’ll explore techniques that prepare you to take your pole combos out of the studio and onto the stage. (Tricks class)

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Week 3: Jan 21, 2018, Nia

-Class 1: Filth: Tip Rail 12:45 to 1:45pm
Description: in “Sex Hex” women learn to create and display their inner self and sexuality. In “Tip Rail” we connect with a stage persona we create. Is she nasty? Is she shy? Does she have a secret? Is she revealing it all? Utilizing the classic club style from Week 1, this class builds upon that and encourages women to escape to their own dark side and imagine who they would be if they could be anyone they wanted. Specific choreography will be taught and performers will be challenged to apply their own artistry towards the creation of a new being. There’s a secret to be revealed in class. Who is she?(Dance class. No Tricks.)

-Class 2: Filth: Pole Control 1:50 to 2:50pm 
Description: This isn’t about pointed toes, straight leg inverts, or things that will get you point deductions. This technique based class spotlights YOUR technique and control over your pole. It’s not about perfect, it’s about pleasure. Performers will execute trick combos that match form and content. Is your stage pesona from “Tip Rail” raw and nasty? Then so is this combo. Is she slow and plodding? Your movements will match that. Pole control isn’t just about vertical musicality. It’s about technique informing the content of your performance. We build on “Tip Rail” by putting this persona in the air. A classic combo will be the focus of this class. Executing it in your own way is the name of the game. (Tricks Class)

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Week 4: Jan 28, 2018, Heather

Class 1: Butter: Spread 12:45 to 1:45pm
Description: Sensual movement is all about arousal of the senses. In “Spread” we learn to leave our audience with a burning desire to know us in ways they never could on stage. How does it feel when she’s on top? What do her moans sound like in the throws of ecstasy? Is she sweet? We’ll be working through ways to connect with your audience through floorwork sequences that ignite the senses and leaves them wanting more. (Dance Class)

-Class 2: Butter: Churn 1:50 to 2:50pm
Description: In “Churn” we’ll develop techniques to generate, utilize, and maintain momentum needed to execute fiery spin combos. We’ll create explosive energy and harness it to lengthen the lifespan of your spins. We’ll connect spins together and exploring how to transition between them to best use momentum to our advantage. This class is a perfect compliment to “Whipped” from Week 2! Together they pair the soft and hard, the fast and slow, the yin and yang, to create dynamic and engaging stage sets. (Tricks Class)
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Lyra/Aerial Hoop classes

Our new Aerial Hoop classes will cover some of the fundamentals of the apparatus. We will cover safe mounts and dismounts and essential strengthening conditioning exercises; these classes will be a great starting point for all beginners or an opportunity for more experienced students to learn new conditioning techniques. We offer sessions for a continued and progressive learning. Drop-in rates are available too, pre registration is required.

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Aerial Silks Classes


Aerial Silks beginner session will cover two basic silks climbs as well as the essential inverts and foot locks that allows students to rest briefly in the air. We offer sessions for a continued and progressive learning. Drop-in rates are available too, pre registration is required..

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Handstand Classes with Mauricio Valle

This 60 minute class will consist of whole body warmup, stretching, specific handstand conditioning drills off and on wall, partner spotting and finish by working towards a freestanding handstand. The keys to doing a handstand press are flexibility, strength and compression.
To continue your journey towards the press, Mauricio will guide you through passive, active and partner stretches for hip mobility, pancake flexibility and middle splits.
Stretching shouldn’t be painful and with mindful progressions, you’ll achieve the flexibility you desire while staying injury free.

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Flexibility Classes with Mauricio Valle

Stretch series with handstand fitness.
We will cover middle & front splits as well as thoracic mobility and flexibility.
Each session will include warmup and partner assistance with stretching and mobility drills to ensure proper technique.

All are welcome and all will benefit! Please bring your yoga mats!!

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In addition to our regular pole and sexy fit classes, we also offer a variety of specialty classes throughout the year. Be sure to check out our monthly Ladies Night Out classes, as well as our popular seasonal classes (such as Holiday Hottie and Valentine Vixen!).