Workshop With Heather and Nia


8th July  5:00 to 8:30 PM


Butter & Filth is an 18 and up experience that utilizes Heather and Nia’s 35 years of combined background in art,  gymnastics to construct an experience that revolutionizes how pole performance is taught, learned, and observed. Our primary interest is the accessibility of learning that Butter & Filth offers in a relaxed, fun space. We believe that accessibility is key in teaching, learning and interacting with others; thus, access is a primary tenet of Butter & Filth. Neither of
us has classical training in dance. Butter & Filth uses mental presence as a source of bodily knowledge.


BUTTER uses slow, serpentine transition to create exotic based works for stage in this 90 minute workshop. Desire, personal exploration, and vulnerability will take precedence in the Butter experience with a foundation of enduring seduction and delirium that soaks the entirety of your stage performance. A high premium is placed on simplicity and versatility of engagement with the intent of audience enchantment. Students of Butter will learn how hypnotic pace and sensual effortless movement can function as a compliment to their individual dance styles and goals. Improvisation takes priority Butter, with an emphasis on presence as the driving force of freestyle movement, anchored in attention to detail and accented musicality. Butter welcomes all levels of pole dancers and no prior experience is required. Attendees are encouraged to come dressed in costume, heels, hair, and makeup or anything that makes them feel stage ready and sexy.

8th July

7:00 to 8:30 pm


FILTH is a 90 minute workshop that embraces floor f*cking, adult only, sexy, seductive, obscenely crass, improper, not-for-the-faint-of-heart exotic pole and floor workshop geared toward creating improvised movement using your nasty mind as inspiration for executing a powerfully raunchy performance that’ll have ‘em clutching their pearls. Workshop attendees will learn tried and true exotic dance methods, such as heel clack and moral question, with a flare of brazen agency and ownership that will push your dance practice to the next level. Through the use of frank and raw language, FILTH aims to put you in control of a purposeful and sexy routine that says to hell with ladylike innocence. This workshop is perfect for pole dancers of all levels, shapes, sizes, genders, and especially those who are not easily offended. It is suggested that attendees wear multiple layers for striptease, heels, costume, glitter, makeup, or anything that makes them feel like a bad bitch. Not a sexy style pole dancer? That’s ok. The methods taught in this workshop function to rid you of stage anxiety and empower your heart by placing the magic of feminine performance precisely where it belongs.

8th July

5:00 to 6:30 pm


This Aerial Hoop workshop will cover some of the fundamentals of the apparatus. We will cover safe mounts and dismounts and essential strengthening conditioning exercises; this workshop will be a great starting point for all beginners or an opportunity for more experienced students to learn new conditioning techniques.

11th June   1:30 pm

18th June   1:30 pm

25th June   1:30 pm



AboutJordan Kensley:

Jordan Kensley is a California-based pole dancer and instructor. She discovered pole dancing from a Youtube video in the summer of 2012 and, with no prior movement experience, decided then and there that she needed to be able to “do that”. From that first spark of interest, her passion for pole has grown and she has become a resident instructor at the world famous studios: Aeriform Arts, BeSpun, Cleo’s Rock’n’Pole, and The Vertitude, as well as a touring instructor internationally. She is also a resident dancer at the infamous Jumbos Clown Room, under the stage name ‘Roxie’.

Jordan strives to embody the athlete, the artist, and the goddess in every dance. Her goal as an instructor is to help her students realize those same qualities in themselves. The journey through her Pole Dancing career has made her appreciate movement, especially in the form of free styling, heel clacks, and her signature sexy ballistic style. She has met so many inspiring people within this community and is looking forward to meeting many more in the years to come.


30th Sept.

2:00 to 3:30 pm

Stage presence method, Seduction and Writhing satisfaction.

All Levels

A Succubus is a mythological female ‘demon’ that seduces her victims through her sensuality to feed her own power. In this workshop we will learn to harness our inner demons and dark sensuality to feed the confidence it takes to be Sexy. Bring Heels, something to take off (oversized shirt, skirt, robe), and an open mind. Learn something about yourself you’ll never want to forget.



30th Sept.

3:45 to 5:15 pm

Low Floor Movement, Pole and Floor



(must be comfortable w/ basic inversions)

This workshop is all about that Base! This class is focused on learning tricks and combos around the base of the pole to help create a diverse low flow. This class uses beginner & intermediate & advanced tricks, transitions to explore movement possibilities using the bottom of the pole and the floor.



30th Sept.

5:30 to 7:00 pm

All Levels
Looking for more attention? Demand it from your audience in this class. Making your heels work hard, Break the Sound Barrier adds a BANG to your movement by teaching you the best heel clacks in the business. If you love your high heels and you want to add the best ‘attention- grabbing’ moves to your flow, this is the workshop you need. Remember; the Higher the heel, the Louder the clack!



1st Oct.

12:00 to 1:30 pm

Tricks, Combinations, and Transitions


Go up the pole with some of Jordan Kensley’s favorite tricks and combinations. Focusing on powerful ascents and descents, aerial threading combinations and some extreme pole tricks, Jordan has something to offer everyone. Learn the up-to-date tricks that keep Jordan and you excited!




1st Oct.

1:45 to 3:15 pm
Booty Brushing Floor Flows, Dynamic Rolls and Floor
Inverts. Beg/Int

Add the sexiest, freakiest and most dynamic floorwork to your life. This workshop will teach you how to invert, flow and fly on the ground. Revolutionize how you feel working the ground to maximize how you can work the pole. Bring your heels, your sexiest outfit and get ready to roll around.



1st Oct.

3:30 to 5:00 pm

Tricks and Dynamic Transitions

Going Ballistic is a class dedicated to mastering high speed and high force movements within your favourite pole flows. Take the tricks you think you know and transform them into something new, powerful, and dynamic. This workshop lets you experience Jordan’s’ Signature Movement by performing her intense dance style on and off the pole.


For Workshop information  please check out our scheduling page.