Workshop With Rachele Ribera




Noted by United Pole Artists for her “ethereally beautiful pirouettes, glides, twirls,” and “unbeatable footwork”, in the 2015 article, Fundamentals for Fluidity, Rachele has spent a large part of her time in pole refining and cultivating the art of dancing in heels. She views the heel as an extension of the leg, that can elongate lines, and aid in creating intricate tracing patterns and illusions. Mentioned again by United Pole Artists in the 2015 article, The Anatomy of A Platform Heel, she is regarded as one of their “favorite heeled dancers” with the”ability to make heel movement something ethereal”.




Exotic Level 5 Champion 2017 – PSO TPC
• Exotic Level 4 Champion 2016 – PSO NW
• Freedance Level 4 Champion 2016 – PSO NW
• Duo/Group Runner-Up 2016 – Partner: Susan Hunter – PSO
• Miss Pole Dance Oklahoma 2013
• NAPDC 2014 National 2nd Runner-Up


USPDF Amateur 2017 – NYC, NY
• PSO TPC Level 5 Exotic 2017 – Cary, NC
• PSO NW Level 4 Exotic 2016 – Seattle, WA
• PSO NW Level 4 Freedance 2016 – Seattle, WA
• PSO NW Duo/Group 2016 – Seattle, WA
• Miss Pole Dance America 2016 – Nashville, TN
• Miss Pole Dance America 2015 – Nashville, TN
• Paragon National AM 2015 – Burbank, CA
• Pole Classic 2014 – Las Vegas, NV
• Pole Championship Series @ Arnold Sports Festival 2014
– Columbus, OH
• NAPDC 2014 – Chicago, IL
• Miss Pole Dance Oklahoma 2013 – OKC, OK


Vertical Desires III Headliner 2017 – Columbia, MO
• Emerald City Trapeze Carnevolar VII 2016 – Seattle, WA
• FETISH: A Valentine’s Ménage à Trois! Headliner – Austin,
TX (Pole & Duo Straps)
• Emerald City Trapeze Carnevolar VI 2015 – Seattle, WA
• Ink N’ Iron 2015 – Nashville, TN
• Ink N’ Iron 2015 – Long Beach, CA
• Ink N’ Iron 2014 – Long Beach, CA
• Live Dancing Girls – Cherchez La Femme – Nashville, TN
• Live Dancing Girls – Halloween Edition – Nashville, TN
• Pole Expo 2013 – Las Vegas, NV


20th May 4:00PM/90 Min.


Infused with standing to low Russian inspired flows. slide, trace, fly, grind, hit, wind, thread, and take control of your rock bottom pole movement.
learn how to transition between fast and slow movements as you dance exotic combinations
**kneepads recommended**

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20th May 5:45PM/90 Min.


Take your floor work to new levels of fluidity focus on creating smooth and seamless transitions to the floor for supple continuity as you slink and slither on the ground,
using the low pole to push, pull, and wind into your movements.
let go and flow: experience the more exquisite side of floor
**attire allowing maximum slide across the floor. leggings, kneepads, and heels

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20th May 7:30PM/90 Min.


prep. strengthen.
Manipulate the platform for the longest lines possible. Master slides, traces, carves, and the wing, creating beautiful details to put the polish on every movement and leg placement
on and off pole.
*heels with ankle strap required*
**wear heels you don’t mind scraping up**

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21st May 2:00PM/90 Min.


Conditioning exercises to make your inversions look easy!
Speed control, angles, line corrections, and technique to take
your v-invert over the top.
different ways to dance into and out of on static and spin.

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21st May 3:45PM/90 Min.


embody the delicate grace of a music box Ballerina.
learn how to lift into ethereal traces, floats, and wrapped
positions, with control, and ease.
appear to defy gravity.
perfect your poise and strengthen suspended holds to help you
create elegant transitions.
stylized spin pole precision training.
**heels recommended for tracing**

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21st May 5:30PM/90 Min.


This workshop is all about ebb and flow.
Traditional Exotic pole dance, heavily associated with the
Russians, is known for its quick pace. With swift leg movements
and level changes, and powerful low pole moves, it can be high
in this workshop, Rachele infuses slow slink and flow into exotic
movement. Learn to change speeds between the two and combine
them to leave your audience on their toes!

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