May '17


This Is My Body

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THIS IS MY BODY. I am a movement artist, an aerial dancer, an instructor, a performer… and, I am a woman. One thing I see in men and women of the world is a tendency to honor our intelligence, attractiveness, kindness and creativity. We embrace our very HUMAN-ness, give warm smiles to others and tell… Read more »

Mar '17


This Body, This Journey

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There’s a question that constantly has my wheels turning and I’ve always asked myself this question in particular…”How can I be seen as being plus-sized if I’m an athletic and active person?”  Everyone’s definition and meaning of the words “plus-sized” are different.  What one person sees as plus-sized, may not necessarily mean that to another. … Read more »

Sep '16


Majikmyke and his take on Sensuality

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ARADIA FITNESS LOUDOUN·THURSDAY, AUGUST 18, 2016  As title would indicate this post (and more to follow) are dedicated to Michael Egan aka Majikmyke. I met Mike many years ago, I am sure he would not remember but I remember it like yesterday. He was the first male I had seen in a pole studio EVER… Read more »