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Strong like a man but love like a woman

Be Strong like a Man but Love like a Woman


Logic, rationale, and critical thinking allows for the ability to fortify oneself with strength and power. Many men weld these talents like weapons. When used well, they can result in many wins. These skills are valued in the business and academic worlds. Thinkers are praised for their intellectual achievements. These are definitely useful abilities, but are they enough?

Women in business brought another layer of necessary skills. We not only think with logic and reason, but we make emotion-based decisions. This probably threw men for a loop when we entered the workforce. WHY are you crying because the machine won’t work???? This is the stereotypical thought process about women and emotions. Does this happen sometimes? Yes. But incorporating EQ or Emotional Intelligence into the business world has provided a new way to interact with people on a whole new level.

Women are not only thinkers but we’re born nurturers. Most of us have the ability and need to connect with people on a deeper level. This natural instinct to reach out and heal, not only the physical but the emotional aspects of a person, gives us the means to fix problems more holistically. Logic, reason and critical thinking are good for resolving processes and the mechanical issues. When we need to repair a people-based problem, we need more. We need to problem solve on more than just the surface level because people are not machines and their problems stem from more than a process breakdown. Being able to understand how the issue has started or impacted people mentally will give you the ability to change not only the process but the mindset and culture.

Emotional decisions are our strength

Strong Like a man love like a woman

Don’t neglect this gift we have been given as women. Don’t try to hide your ability to understand someone on a more emotional level. Our nurturing side is not a weakness. It’s the core of our feminine strength. Allow your talents to shine. If you look at many of the powerful women throughout history, you’ll see they leverage this gift to propel them through their success.

Women are real architects of Society

Remember watching your mother juggle a million things and take care of a house full of people? What about our grandmothers who stood as the matriarch of our families? Those of us who had strong female role models were lucky in life. We had examples of what women could endure and manage with grace and love. Even if it wasn’t your mother or grandmother, think about the strong females in your life, community, or world. Are you like them? Do you have that inner fortitude to keep pushing forward?
Many would think this trait of strength and determination would be celebrated in women. It’s sad to see how many times it’s seen as a threat. Some might even try to stifle it before it comes to full power. You see this in home with domineering men, in the workforce, and many other relationships. Then, we get all up in arms and say, “How dare men try to silence us!” The truth is, much of the criticism comes from our fellow women. We’re taught to compete so much with one another, it scares us to be in the presence of other strong women.
We must learn to embrace the strength within one another, to harness all this greatness and fuel something amazing. The power of collective female strength can move mountains if we don’t expend energy tearing each other down. Instead of being afraid of the woman you think is smarter, stronger, prettier, or whatever, let’s rejoice, uplift, and praise each other.
The studio is our haven an escape from trials of daily grind.  We focus on celebrating how amazing we are as women. I challenge you to provide some positive feedback to the ladies in your life every day throughout Women’s History Month. Hi-five an amazing trick, compliment a new hair color, remind someone how smart they are. Let’s use our power of words to celebrate our greatness as women!

Women are the real architects of a society

Strength and Determination of women