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Majikmyke and his take on Sensuality

As title would indicate this post (and more to follow) are dedicated to Michael Egan aka Majikmyke. I met Mike many years ago, I am sure he would not remember but I remember it like yesterday. He was the first male I had seen in a pole studio EVER and I had been poling for a while by then. I was uncomfortable to say the least, you have to understand that given my cultural background just stepping into a pole studio was momentous for me. I had let go of holding myself back or defining myself and this was just another block I needed to overcome. Being in a class with Mike was an education in itself. He had a wonderful persona willing to learn attitude and a gentleman to the core. My fears of poling with a male student were so dumbfounded and I walked away relearning that every obstacle we see in our way is mostly our own imagination. We make it as big as we want to or as insignificant as we want to. Since then we have been friends and now we are a part of bigger family or should I say poling tribe. He is competing on the 20th of August for Titans Of Pole Champions, this is my way of letting everyone know how very special Mike is.

Mike has been poling for a while now, he started this journey because he wanted to do something special for his wife and I started my pole journey because I wanted to dance but could not imagine a partner other than my husband , and so here we are today, my respect for Mike via this post. I love his take on “sensuality.”
“People really do meet their sensual side when they pole dance. The sensual side very often is a positive mental attitude reflecting self perception. I see in my lady pole mates, how they have gained self confidence, composure, muscular development, and increased stamina through pole dancing. Once a person learns to invert pole dancing becomes sort of addictive. For me pole reinvented my body and mind. Due to pole dancing I am becoming more flexible, I have a better balance and posture, an overall toned body, and a whole lot of confidence.” You could not have said it better Mike.


Go Get it Mike!!!

Just in Time for Summer

Now is the time to clean up the eating to prepare for summer months. Sadly we have no control over how the economy has been handled, what epidemics are traveling through our air or food system. We can not even control when the sun rises. Contrary to what our children and husbands expect us to be able to control. The one thing we have total control over is input output with our own bodies.

That is where it becomes very important that we make the right choices what we do as input and what we do as output.

You need to have some type of physical relief be it walking, running, weight lifting or group classes. You already know about Aradia fitness and how much fun working out can be with a bunch of other women now lets work on the other aspect of this equation.

It takes a deficit of 3500 calories to loose just one pound of fat. With that in mind working out and then saying well I can have that one little muffin today I ran for 30 minutes will only be a down ward battle. For example the average women running for one hour at 135 pounds would burn 300 or so calories a muffin can be from 240 to 400 calories depending on the type of muffin you choose. That to me seems to be working against any healthy goals. Don’t get me wrong I believe very strongly in letting yourself have cheat meal once a week. But that does not mean pig out meal that is still normal portions and keep in mind that you still have to account for it the next day.

Let’s try for one week to eat as clean as you can. It really actually tastes good you will be surprised. I have given a few examples in the last few months of menu planning so that should be some assistance while trying this. Here are the rules.

Fruit – fresh or flash frozen

Vegetable – Fresh or Flash frozen

Bread – Whole-wheat or equivalent

Dairy products –no processed

Meat – Must have legs – wings – or fins if it could not fly swim or run and is processed it is not in the list.

I want you to use that rule to make a week menu and try it. You will be surprised how much better you feel and fresher your food tastes. We care about you and will and want to help.

Aradia Fitness Wellness