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Sacred Circle Sundays| Journey to self| Shakti Rising

Sacred Circle Sundays

A journey to our inner being/ Reconnecting to ourselves on all levels

Muladhara/ Root Chakra/ 1st session

Color Red| Beeja Mantra LAM| Element EarthSacred Circle Sundays| Shakti Rising| Shakti Aerial yoga and dance

About Muladhara

Located in the perineum, Muladhara is the basic chakra in the body. Basic does not equate lower. In fact MULA-DHARA literally translates to foundation. As per yogic sciences our physical body and energy body builds around the Muladhara. Stabilizing our Muladhara is of utmost importance.

Signs of disconnect or Root Chakra imbalance

Feeling Unsupported| Feeling very Vulnerable| Anxious about Material and Physical survival

Understanding Beeja Mantara

Sanskrit word Mantra is made of two words Man = Mind and Tra = Liberate, Beeja mens means seed. Seeds have transformative powers, and hence chanting of Beeja Mantara has potential to creates transformation, at Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual levels

Understanding the importance of Sound

Beeja mantras are Monosyllable sounds, but they have the power to create transformation and expansion in humans, at Physical, emotional, and Spiritual levels.  Any sound in the universe is a vibrational energy, for example our own language, speech at its most basic is a sound vibration. Vedic science and now Quantum physics both state that the universe was created through cosmic sound energy. Sound energy is intimately connected to “Parana” life energy.

Monosyllable Beja Manatrs are designed to create balance and harmony in the human body. Every part of your body functions at a certain rhythm and vibration. The Beeja Mantra for Muladhara is LAM . Chanting this Manatra and keeping our awareness on our Root chakra we can bring the plan e and harmony to this chakra. The Beja Mantra Vibrates at 400 to 484 Mhz.

In our next session we will go into understanding the color association, and how the sound and color relate to each other.

Root Chakra and Metaphysical World

Understanding the connection with Grounding

Red jasper

The color and iron content makes this stone highly activating for the root chakra. It is considered highly protective and is used for  to drive away nightmares. Red Jasper lends strength and energy to the physical body promotes healthy heart, regulates blood pressure, and improves sexual performance. It is ideal for improving concentration and developing will power, people drawn to this stone have a need for new creative outlet. It reduces irritability and increases passion.

Black Tourmaline

Very protective stone, strongly connects to the earth, replenishes depleted energy with the energy of the earth. A stone of self discovery, it breaks down barriers and revels the shadow self. Black Tourmaline helps to find direction and provides protection during periods of emotional vulnerability. It neutralizes stress and  moderates OCD and anxiety. Protects the body against environmental toxins and pathogens. Mobilizes the immune system and corrects autoimmune conditions.

Tiger Iron

Centering Calming and grounding energy, a powerful grounding stone, good for courage strength and stamina, deepens connection between body and spirit, encourages you to keep going with new endeavors, enhances creativity, helps you make decisions using reason and not emotion, helps improve functions of the lungs, kidneys, intestines, and pancreas. Helps prevent bad habits by increasing stamina and will power, good for focus and creating solid intentions.

Essential Oils and their significance in balancing Chakras: Root Chakra


Essential Oils| Root Chakra| Sacred Circle Sundays

Importance of Yoga for Pole dancers|Aradia Fitness Loudoun


Yoga classes| Aradia Fitness Loudoun best pole dance studio in NOVA

Importance of yoga for Pole Dancers

I was fortunate enough to grow up with yoga being a way of life, however I was also not particularly fond of it. As a child I did not understand its importance. I went thru the practice mostly because it was expected and required. As a pole dancer and pole instructor over the years I have realized the immense importance of yoga especially for pole dancers. So many aerial yoga students state that their body needs it, their body craves it.

The main benefits for anyone practicing yoga are learning how to breathe, increased flexibility and strength as well as balance and coordination. I can not tell you how many times I have made students realize that they were holding their breath while learning a new pole move. Everyone does it, because our mind is so focussed on performing that we forget to breathe, Practicing yoga slowly helps us understand our breath, and how it allows us to flow effortlessly through life. Practicing yoga teaches us to focus on our breath, our prana, our life force.. Holding your breathe instead of breathing through the entrance into a pole move hinders your ability to even do it. In our classes you will hear your instructors reminding you to breathe. You would think that is an easy fix to do on your own but it takes practice. Something done repetitively, is something that becomes second nature and yoga focuses on breathing in each and every class.

We all know the importance of Flexibility for pole skills ; yoga has a way of moving you into poses that are beneficial not only for your flexibility but also your strength. A very simple example of this is Sun Salutations and Moon Salutations. We close our feminine divine flow with Moon Salutations with calm settling breaths and our warm-ups have variations of Sun salutations. Sun Salutations are a whole body toning and conditioning and each move has a breath associated with it, which becomes rhythmic almost like a dance within you.

One of the biggest challenges in any sport including pole dance  is coordination. Coordination is a key component in pole and any time you can practice slow, methodical movement such as yoga,  it will  help greatly. Coordination is a skill that is learned through practice. It isn’t built into the DNA for some people and not others. The actual definition of coordination is ‘the ability to use different parts of the body smoothly and efficiently’. This skill cannot be more important than in pole. When we work on pole combinations, recognizing unnecessary movements are key to smoother moves and transitions.  Yoga is about thoughtful, efficient movement. It’s about flow and transitions involving breath in a very intimate way, exactly what we strive to achieve in pole.

Balance is key, inside and out. Looking at some yoga poses we have all had a thought of tipping over 🙂 but we also know practice makes everything better. The most significant outcome of practicing yoga is mind body connection and at a deeper level with your soul.

If you have taken a class with me I have always equated pole dance with meditation. Even if it is for a few seconds we are completely immersed in learning a move with our full attention with our mind body and soul in that moment.  Life today is go go go, and sometimes we tend to bring the same to our pole practice too. The release, calm and relaxation a yoga practice brings is much needed.

If you haven’t tried it before, or if you tried it a long time ago, try it again. I am a big believer in yoga, especially for us. It’s no coincidence that we offer it at our studio. It compliments everything we do as pole dancers and it will help you get to the next level.

Love and Light Always


Honor your Body| Resolutions| Aradia Fitness Loudoun

Aradia Fitness - Loudoun, Northern Virginia Pole Dance Studio

Honor Your Body

Honor Your Body, we have reached the beginning of a new year – a time of reflection and rebirth. This is the time that we set our intentions for the rest of the year through the making of resolutions. Unfortunately, these resolutions can sometimes be unkind toward ourselves, focusing on perceived flaws. Or they can be unrealistic – setting ourselves up for disappointment, which is also unkind. I’d like to take the month of January to discuss realistic resolutions, that come from a place of respect and compassion for ourselves and for our bodies.

Self Love

Self love is important to me, and I know that it is important to Neelam, which is one of the reasons I was drawn to Aradia as an instructor. I’m very happy that this blog series can find a home here, where people are passionate about breaking cycles and healing.


For our next resolution topic, I’m going to discuss how to HONOR YOUR BODY.


At some point in the future, we may be able to upload our consciousness to the cloud, and never have to worry about bodies again. But until then, we are stuck with them, so we might as well make the best out of the situation.


Our body is our vehicle, it takes us from place to place and allows us to perform tasks. It also keeps us alive, and provides pleasure through senses.* We only get one, so let’s respect it and take care of it. 


  • Your body is not a problem to be fixed. Thinking of it as such does a massive disservice to this wonderful creation and puts you in a negative and oppositional mindset. Your body is your partner, not the enemy. That is not to say that you shouldn’t ever work towards change – change is natural! Work towards whatever makes you happy and healthy – but work with your body, not against it. And don’t think of the end state, whatever that goal may be, as the only acceptable or worthy state. Appreciate every stage of the journey, and know that bodies are constantly in a state of change. Hour to hour, day to day, and year to year. 


  • Treat your body with compassion and respect, the same way you would want yourself to be treated. It’s part of you isn’t it? We can consciously develop healthy attitudes towards our body by actively thinking of the things we appreciate about our bodies – what they can do physically, the sensations they give you, the way they look. Take some time to think about those things, and mentally thank your body. Even better – treat your body while you do it. Take a nice bath, massage a sore muscle, rub in some nice lotion (we polers know how to appreciate lotion day) – whatever it means to you to treat your body to something nice. Once you are in the habit of thinking positively about your body – take it to the next level and look at it in the mirror while you do it. Appearance is often where we get the most hung up, so being able to appreciate your body while looking at it is a really big step. And being able to appreciate the way your body looks? I wish that for you, more than anything.


  • Take care of your body – keep it healthy and meet its needs. Part of loving something is taking care of it. Giving it fuel that makes it feel good and run well (see previous blog on intuitive eating), giving it rest that it needs to recover, keeping all the parts moving well and feeling good, keeping it clean and sanitary. I’ve come to think of these things as less of a chore and more of an act of care for something I love. And when you take the “have to” out and put the “want to” in, it becomes more enjoyable, requires less mental effort, and frees you from some stress. Which leads into my last bit of advice:


  • Find a way to move your body that brings you joy. Exercise should not be a punishment. That mentality will set you up for painful behavior cycles and disappointment. I don’t even call it exercise anymore, because of all the negative associations I’ve grown up with. I just call it moving my body or physical activity. It should be fun, something you want to do, a treat for yourself and your body. It should make you feel healthy, strong, and empowered. Try out everything, even if it’s new or scary, until you find the activity that does it for you. We have plenty of options right here at Aradia for you to try.


Progress, not perfection – and self compassion, always.


*I understand that disabilities and chronic illnesses affect these statements and create a more-complex-than-average relationship with bodies. I’d love to hear from people who struggle with these issues on how they handle honoring their bodies.


Lady Curvicorn


Aradia Instructor Lady Curvicorn has spent years researching self compassion and intuitive eating, and has used that experience to create a list of compassionate New Year’s Resolutions. We will be sharing her blog series with you throughout the month.


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