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“Heelwork for pole is my passion.”


After traveling for years teaching the heels workshop, WING, I realized that ninety minutes of introduction to heels was not nearly enough time to begin setting up a technical foundation for each student.

My desire transitioned from traveling with a workshop, to creating a more comprehensive program that progressed intelligently, with attention to detail, and that began barefoot.

I specialize in helping dancers move through new ranges of motion utilizing boxwork in heights of 8 plus, with a continually engaged stiletto up approach. I hope this program will make that approach to heelwork enjoyable and something automatic in your movement that you do not have to continually think of.

The program would not exist were it not for interacting with countless students in class and workshops. Thank you for helping me build this program!
Here is her winning performance from Exotic Generations Russia this year


Part 1 of Heel Drive


REV is loaded with introductory exercises to help make your boxwork more efficient and simple. Beyond learning to walk, I will help you establish a technically sound framework for your movement in heels, by progressing you through the five fundamentals central to all heelwork.

  1. 1. Engagement.

  2. 2. Weight transference/distribution.

  3. 3. Heel-drives.

  4. 4. Floor connections (drags, traces, slides).

  5. 5. Rotations.

The emphasis is placed on heightening box-floor connection sensitivity, to smooth out, and open new movement pathways.

REV exercises draw influence from ballet, and are tailored to recruit and create the necessary ankle support system for boxwork. We will assess existing tendencies in foot and ankle articulation on a barefoot level, correcting where needed. Proper engagement in heels will build directly from this. A thorough discussion on heel anatomy, fit, and differences across heights and styles will also take place.


Requirements and What to Bring with you

I recommend at least 3-4 months pole-specific movement experience. 
Heel heights minimum 7.5 inch and maximum 9 inch. 
2 pairs highly recommended.
Heel huggers discouraged. 
Box covers prohibited. 
No boots. 
Ankles straps required.
Bring slidey socks. Knee pads are always welcome, but for certain portions I will prohibit to assess full leg lines. These portions do not bear weight on the knees. 

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