With over 10 years of experience in movement and bodywork, Elizabeth specializes in improvisational dance and performance art. She was a professional ballroom dancer for over 3 years, and has experience in belly dance, salsa, hip-hop, and contemporary movement. In 2013 she started taking pole classes, became Xpert certified and has been obsessed with pole dance ever since. Her ultimate goal is to create a safe and creative environment where students can learn different techniques while exploring an authentic expression of their own body movement. Through sensuality and awareness, she believes that dance can be empowering, and encourages each student’s journey individually

CB Movement Intensive

This 6 hour intensive will incorporate fundamental elements of Carmine’s signature movement. This technique and sequence oriented workshop allows students to explore how to make movement cohesive and connected, while creating a firmer understanding of how to connect with one’s own style.

Intensive Breakdown

3 hours of movement exploration per day. Saturday & Sunday. 6 hours of movement.

25th of August 5:00 to 8:00 PM

Day 1: Introduction into progressions of sensual & exotic technique.

  • Edgework conditioning/Heel Technique.
  • Sensual & Exotic Methodologies.
  • Building progressions on foundational movement on the bottom third of the pole.
  • Floor progressions & sequences in heels (clacking, dragging, flow).
  • Elements of what makes movement connected.
  • Exploration of sensual movement (i.e. what makes something sexy).

26th of August 

2:00 to 5:00PM

Day 2: Intention and Connection

  • Releve & Gliding Progressions
  • Sensual & Exotic Methodologies
  • Intermediate Floorwork & Sequences in heels
  • Intermediate Explorative Elements of Sensual Movement
  • Partner/Energy Play

These workshops are very active sessions. You will spend the majority of time engaging or dancing.

Payment for $270 for one day, or $540 for both days.

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No refunds. If you RSVP via payment you must secure someone to replace you. Signups close the day before the Thursday before the intensive. You must secure payment before then.



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