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Sacred Circle Sundays| Muladhara Session2|

Sacred Circle Sundays| Session 2 Muladhara| Sound and color| Shakti Rising

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  Sacred Circle Sundays|  Session 2 (Continuation of Session 1 )   UNDERSTANDING COLOR AND SOUND CONNECTION Color essentially is a wave traveling thru space and depending on its wavelength we see its color. The color associated with Muladhara Chakra is RED. Wavelength of the red color is between 625 to 740 and it vibrates… Read more »

Jul '20


Sacred Circle Sundays| Journey to self| Shakti Rising

Sacred Circle Sundays| Shakti Rising| Shakti Aerial yoga and dance

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Sacred Circle Sundays A journey to our inner being/ Reconnecting to ourselves on all levels Muladhara/ Root Chakra/ 1st session Color Red| Beeja Mantra LAM| Element Earth About Muladhara Located in the perineum, Muladhara is the basic chakra in the body. Basic does not equate lower. In fact MULA-DHARA literally translates to foundation. As per… Read more »

Mar '20


Importance of Yoga for Pole dancers|Aradia Fitness Loudoun

Yoga class|Be good to yourself Aradiafitnessloudoun

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  Importance of yoga for Pole Dancers I was fortunate enough to grow up with yoga being a way of life, however I was also not particularly fond of it. As a child I did not understand its importance. I went thru the practice mostly because it was expected and required. As a pole dancer… Read more »