New Client Offer

New Client Offer

Four  week Series starting on the 18th of July at Sterling Location

4 week series of Pole dance and sensual movement. Space is limited as we do not share poles.

Introduction to Pole Dance and sensual movement

The perfect introduction pole dance and sensual movement! In this ongoing progressive 4 week series  you will learn step by step pole moves, sensual floor work and chair play.

Reconnect| Rediscover| Realign– our goal is to introduce you to your inner sensual goddess.This is a 4 week session. You will be able to experience different ways of expressing your sensual side as well as appreciate your strength. You will learn new moves every week and build upon  previously learned moves. The classes are small in size that enables us to provide our full attention to you as you take this sacred journey of reconnecting, rediscovering your sensual being. There is NO pole sharing.

As the space is limited please take note of the following guidelines

There are no refunds

It is a series please ensure your availability for the 4 weeks, there is no make up for foundational movements


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