Apparatus Based Class Descriptions

New Client Offer Pole Dance and sensual movement

The perfect introduction pole dance and sensual movement! In this ongoing progressive 4 week series  you will learn step by step pole moves, sensual floor work and chair play.

Reconnect| Rediscover| Realign– our goal is to introduce you to your sensual goddess.This is a 4 week session. You will be able to experience different ways of expressing your sensual side as well as appreciate your strength. You will learn new moves every week and build upon  previously learned moves. The classes are small in size that enables us to provide our full attention to you as you take this sacred journey of reconnecting, rediscovering your sensual being. There is NO pole sharing.

Beginner Pole sessions (101,102 &201)

Beginner Pole sessions (101, 102, & 201) introduces clients to the perfect mix of pole work and sensual movement… transforming your mind & body as you “Meet Your confident sexy side.” These classes are designed as 4-week session workout as well as strength training on the pole. Clients will also learn a variety of pole dance spins & transitions and how to string them together into mini choreographies. Clients have an option of buying session for our beginner sessions but we recommend memberships for building your skills. 

Intermediate pole (202, 301, 302, 303)

In intermediate pole levels, clients continue to explore more challenging spins, tricks & transitions and be introduced to pole climbing, sitting and inverting. We will begin to phase out the sexy yoga-fusion workout and transition to more strength-training using the pole
When clients graduate to 301 they are introduced to flying high on the pole as we continue to invert (flip upside down) and climb! All that hard work in earlier levels will pay off as you tackle even more challenging spins, tricks and transitions. Instructors will also begin to transition clients to “freestyle” dancing where you will learn how to effortlessly put everything you know together into your own dance style.
Prerequisite to attend requires instructor approval and successful demonstration of Beginner pole “level up” techniques and for each subsequent levels. Clients have an option of buying session till level 202, level 3 and up Members only. 

Advance Level (Pole Athlete)

(Prereq: Pole 303 or higher)
This mixed-level class focuses specifically advance level pole skills on static as well as on spin pole. Class topics will include a variety of strength training & conditioning, techniques, and choreography, based on instructor.
Prerequisite to attend requires strong climbs and inverts from the ground and successful completion of Pole 303. Members only


Cleo Rock N Pole Routines

Beg. Int. Level
Cleo’s Rock N Pole is a 60-minute high energy pole class taught in 4-week sessions. This class will include a fun upbeat warm-up, strength & conditioning exercises, spin pole tricks & transitions suitable for all levels with beginner to intermediate options ending with a cool down all done in grand “Cleo style”. You will learn NEW choreography every 4 weeks designed by Cleo the Hurricane. Each routine whether it be pole based or floor based will be taught in small increment for ease of learning and by the end of the 4-weeks you will be Rocking it Out!!!
*Heels are strongly recommended for this class but are optional. Heel height can be up to eight inches and knee pads are great to have on hand to protect the knees while learning.

Routines are 4week sessions that can be purchased independently. The Sessions are included with the membership. Please note that these routines are NOT offered consistently, please keep a close eye on our Schedule for upcoming series.

Exotic Flow/ Club Nights

In this class, your instructor will lead through moves that will help you transition from pole spins and moves to floor flow, slide, glide drag, and thread. Bring your sexy knee pads and heels!! This class is for students who have completed Intro series or Pole 101 session. This is a choreography driven class, heels are required. Please order shoes through the studio as these are special shoes (pleaser or Ellie) From time to time we offer Intro to Exotic Flow series, please keep a look out on our schedule.
The session varies from 2 weeks to 4 weeks series

Chair Flair

Contemporary chair flow combines the various genres such as jazz, modern, lyrical and ballet, this 4 week session will combine various genres and tie in chair dancing, the result is a beautiful contemporary flow. The 4 week series are designed to inspire you to dance and let your body flow and move.

 Russian Exotic; Only at Sterling Location

Russian Exotic combines floor work, low flow, and acrobatic Pole Elements. Each of our 6 week session will include one or two choreographed routines that will merge pole dance acrobatics and ballet style flow and extensions.. You will learn techniques for using your heels and conditioning exercises designed to make you stronger. Class will help give you the ability to control your body – work on elasticity, coordination, emotions, proper execution of dance elements, and finding the line between beautiful sexuality and vulgarity. If you find Russian exotic dancers such as Koda and Bembo hypnotic this series is for you. You will get a great cardio workout, gain strength and agility, develop a fluid pole flow.

Aerial Hoop/Lyra

Our Aerial Hoop classes are session based.

We offer 4 week sessions please check our schedule or follow us on Facebook to see our upcoming sessions.

If you are new to Aerial Hoop please look out for an Intro to Aerial Hoop class.

Aerial Yoga and Aerial Sling

Before taking our Aerial Yoga class please take an Intro to Aerial Yoga class. These classes are a part of your membership or you may buy class passes.

Aerial Sling is an 4 week series. Please check our schedule to see our upcoming session. If you have taken sling before we also offer dropin.