Speak Your Truth

Aradia Fitness - Loudoun, Northern Virginia Pole Dance Studio
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February 19, 2018 by

Imagine standing alone, in front of peering eyes, waiting for you to speak. To speak your truth. A truth no one else has spoken before. One that no one wants to hear. Are you bold and strong in your testament? Do your hands sweat and knees shake from the doubt in your heart? Not doubt about your message, but how it’ll be received. How you’ll be received. Do you stand strong or do you melt into the crowd and allow the fear to take your voice away?

In recent news about the #metoo movement, the question has been asked, “Why did they wait so long to come forward?” It may have even crossed our minds from time to time, especial if you’re the kind of women who are comfortable standing their ground and don’t fear confrontation. Understanding why someone would wait years, some decades, to tell their story seems illogical. If they couldn’t stand up for themselves then, why come out now? Whether you believe some, all, or none of the allegations, the answer is simply, there is strength in numbers. We are stronger as one.

When you stand alone, there is no one else to validate your truth. You’re the lone witness against what’s usually a stronger, more influential party. We ask ourselves questions like, “Who would believe me?” “What’s going to happen to me and those around me if they don’t believe me?” Many times, threats have been made and people in these situations have been in not only a physical but also a psychology battle with their alleged assailant. This makes us stop and quiet our voices. For some, it makes them completely silent as they try to disappear from the anguish.

That’s when life lines are important. That one strong person who says, “ENOUGH!” The brave soul who stands up for themselves and inspire others to follow suit. When we stand together, it’s a little less scary to speak our truth and tell our story because someone else has a similar tale to tell. We’re no longer standing alone to be judged. We can find strength in each other. Whether it’s from a movement like #metoo or our sisters in the studio, we as women can support one another when we need to fortify ourselves. Take the time to hear someone’s story. Sometimes all someone need is to be heard. Courage is easier in numbers. Maybe you can help someone’s truth be told.


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