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How Curves Help with Pole

How Curves Help With Pole

Originally posted on BadKitty USA Website
Article written by  on November 30, 2015

Most fitness programs tout weight loss more loudly than any other benefit. Pole is a great way to lose weight too, and maybe that’s why you got into it to begin with. But a funny thing happens to many dedicated polers: whether they came into pole to lose weight or for some other reason, they can end up not really caring about dropping those extra pounds. In fact, there are several reasons polers with curves might want to keep them!

You get stronger by lifting more weight


Pole is a bodyweight exercise, which means that you only work with what you weigh. So that means that polers who weigh more are lifting more weight, and that sounds like a better workout to me! Unlike with some bodyweight exercises like air squats where you’re just using your bodyweight but not really lifting all of it, with pole you are actually literally lifting all that weight. Carrying it with your arms and your hands and your legs up the pole and moving it around in the air. When you start to think about doing that with ankle weights on, you start to realize what a big difference those extra pounds can make to your workout!

You need the extra surface area to grip the pole


When you’re holding onto the pole with your hands, there are only a few things that matter—the size of your hands, the size of the pole, and the grippiness of both. But when you’re holding on with your thighs, your armpits, or your elbows, it’s a whole other story. Extra meat on the thighs just means there’s more of you to hang onto the pole with when you go into your layback. Extra arm and boobage can save your Teddy or your Rocketman. If you’re just hard bones and muscle, those things aren’t great to grip the pole with because there’s not enough give. Some softer areas can really help you cling.

You have extra lusciousness for floor work


You know what’s funny about pole? It always hurts, even if you’re not on the pole. Floor work causes just as many pinches and bruises as the aerial aspects. And you don’t get a nice rubbery mat like in yoga. If you’re at the studio or performing in a competition, it’s just you and the floor. That can be painful, especially if your bones and joints are digging into the floor, which they invariably will be at some point. Having a little extra layer of you there can take the edge off. Be your own yoga mat.

Polers appreciate and love their bodies


What is it about pole fitness that makes us come to appreciate our bodies just the way they are? We used to say it had to do with the sensual empowerment aspects of pole—but we find this confidence and self-esteem even in purely athletic studios. Maybe it has to do with appreciating our bodies’ abilities instead of their appearances. Maybe we get so used to seeing ourselves and our friends in our Brazil Shorts that we realize how silly our insecurities are. Or maybe it’s just because pole is so damn flattering. Whatever the reason, polers seem to be happier with their bodies at whatever the weight.

Many people get into pole to lose weight, and many do lose weight, and many are still trying. If any of that is you, that’s great! But if you find yourself appreciating what those extra pounds can do for you in the studio, that’s great, too.

This Body, This Journey

There’s a question that constantly has my wheels turning and I’ve always asked myself this question in particular…”How can I be seen as being plus-sized if I’m an athletic and active person?”  Everyone’s definition and meaning of the words “plus-sized” are different.  What one person sees as plus-sized, may not necessarily mean that to another.  Society’s view of “average” has changed throughout the years.  Years ago and even today, women are praised for being thin; however, according to a recent study in the International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology, and Education, the average size of an American woman is now a size 16.  Having a curvaceous figure doesn’t have some of the negative associations that it once had.  Women can be proud of their curves, and the world can understand that just because you’re plus-sized, doesn’t mean that you are not healthy or active.


Everyone has their own fitness journey.  Part of the journey is figuring out what workouts you enjoy doing best.  Photo by Scott Chmelar.


I decided to take a deep look and explore my own workouts.  Within this fitness journey I’ve discovered many ways to motivate my workouts with a more focused mindset.  My “pole sister,” Xenia once told me, “Get motivated and move with focus and a purpose!”  These became my daily ultimate goals…finding my MOTIVATION and deciding how I wanted to MOVE.  I wanted this to be the base for my workouts.


I want to encourage others to go a tad further than they did yesterday.  You must have a clear understanding of what you want.  This can influence your attitude when you meet with your coach, when you go to the gym, how you interact with others in your exercise classes, and how you choose to tackle your daily workouts.


Most importantly, we must figure out our main reasons for wanting to get up and workout.  Is it for you?  Your spouse or significant other?  Your friends?  Society?  Hopefully, this will be your opportunity to give a selfish answer and the answer is YOU.  If you don’t want it, it’s not going to happen.  With exercise, you must have a desire to work out.  You must also look at the journey of where you want to go and look back to understand and appreciate the progress that has been made.


It’s always good to switch up your workout completely.  The same circuits and gym visits can become repetitive and lose its’ luster.  Good things to do would be to explore your neighborhood, try out different types of classes, go for a swim or maybe even a run.  All of these are great options.  Choose just one or all of them…just as long as you stay motivated and you’re getting out there.  Once you see how great you feel, reward yourself with positivity.  Your workouts will now have a purpose.  Each rep will be fueled, just like your desire.  Every workout should be seen as a success and becomes a deposit in your motivation bank.  Set aside the time and be creative.  Don’t limit yourself.  You’re going for that inspiration!


Every workout, consider what your goals are.  It doesn’t matter if you’re curvy, plus-sized, skinny, overweight, thin, athletic, or any other body type.  Give it your all and put your heart into it.  Remember that the shape of our bodies do NOT define us.


It shouldn’t matter what size or shape you are, fitness is for everyone. Photo by Leen Isabel of Pole Dancing Adventures.


I chose pole dance fitness because not only is it a great workout, it empowered me as a woman and as an instructor.  So, I’m not going to just send this message out to the plus-sized polers, but to ALL of my fellow polers and fitness gals…Happy Exercising…because the road to fitness is for a lifetime.



Aradia Fitness Loudoun embraces all shapes and sizes and together we become strong confident and sexy.


Article Written by Chante Smith, Instructor at Aradia Fitness Cary in Cary, North Carolina

February 21, 2017